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Last Updated on Apr. 6, 2020
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AdBlock Plus

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AdBlock Plus is a plug in for your desktop browser that you should always have running. It’s free to use and blocks all of the annoying ads that you usually have to deal with. They stay in business by allowing acceptable ads through. These are ads that are subtle, like banners or sidebars. Loud, obnoxious flash ads that bog down your system are prohibited. It makes sure that sites can still enjoy a revenue stream while you enjoy a fast and easy browsing experience.
The AdBlock Plus plug in is very easy to install on your desktop. All it takes is one or two click and you’re using it. The downside comes when you’re on your mobile device. If you use either an Android or an iPhone, you’ll have to use their browser. There’s no real way around it. Using it on either platform will also limit your access to some sites. Bigger companies have found ways to tell if you’re using the ad blocker. They won’t let you browse their content until you disable it and reload the page. It can turn into a huge hassle if you’re using the browser on your phone and have to switch over.
If your system is easily bogged down with flashy ads, or you’re just sick of dealing with them, then this is the plug in for you. It works in the background and can easily be shut off. All it takes is a click and you’ll be able to access any site with the ads turned on.


  • Adblock is open source and up-to-date
  • It comes as a plug in for the browser
  • Ethical software company


  • Additional mobile device install needed
  • Acceptability of ads is up to the Adblock
  • Lots of sites won’t let you use access them
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