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Last Updated on Apr. 8, 2020
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Affect3DStore lets you buy individual clips or full-length videos to download and keep forever. It’s the best way to get your 3d porn without having to pay for a monthly subscription. You simply log on, find what you want and pay for it. It’s that simple. Everything is amazingly rendered and the action is always hot. The Affect3Dstore futanari section gives you the hottest girls with the biggest dicks around. You get to see them fucking men, fucking each other and fucking themselves as much as you want. It always looks great and there’s never any censorship at all. Every video is priced based on length and quality. You’ll never end up paying too much for a short 3d porn.
There are also tons of pics that you can download. They’re all high quality and most come as a PDF. They download quickly and won’t eat up your drive space. Anything that’s on sale will come with a set of images for you to preview. There are also reviews and tags that you can check out. You can make sure that what you’re buying is exactly what you’re looking for. It’s all in English so you won’t have to deal with subtitles like in Hentai. You can browse by what they call gender to get what you want right away. There’s futanari, lesbian and straight. Those aren’t exactly genders, but you get the point.
Most of the videos are going to be in the Affect3Dstore futanari category. If you love a hot chick with a dick, then you’re going to be very happy. You can also search by the name of the artist. Once you find someone you really like, you can get all of their videos or picture sets. It’s a great way to support the community while getting your fill of porn.


  • Everything here is very high quality and well rendered
  • The Affect3Dstore futanari category will keep you in videos for months
  • You only download and pay for what you want, then keep it forever


  • No video previews
  • Some prices are high
  • Small lesbian selection
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