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Last Updated on May. 27, 2020
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AfricanSexSlaves is a premium porn site that’s filled with hardcore BDSM sex between dominant black men and submissive black women. It’s all about the women being sold, traded and trained as slaves by the men. There are no restrictions on the number of videos that you can stream or download in a single day. The quality isn’t the best but that’s because most of it is shot by amateurs. It’s also mostly outdoors sex which ads a layer of fetish to all of the videos. Nothing gets held back here so it’s not for anyone who’s not already familiar with hardcore fetish porn.
The Extreme Teen category should be your very first stop on AfricanSexSlaves. It’s filled with young black women being trained as slaves to serve their men. You can find anything that you want here. There are black teens stripped naked and forced to crawl around outside in the dirt while they get whipped from behind. You can also see black teens dressed as nurses forced to lick the men’s asses after they go to the bathroom. There are even girls blindfolded and chained up so they can be hit with a crop over and over again just for fun.
The AfricanSexSlaves site works well and you shouldn’t have any problems with it at all. It’s easy to use and everything is easy to find. You can rate anything that you watch and you can always see how many times a video has been viewed. There are no free video previews or trial memberships available, though. You’ll just have the thumbnails to look at before you decide whether or not to join the site. It’s a great place to get your hardcore BDSM sex if you love watching black people have sex. You can’t find the porn they have here everywhere else.


  • Decent amount of hardcore black BDSM porn
  • Rate any video that you want
  • Extreme Teen category is filled with young girls being forced and abused


  • No video previews to watch without joining first
  • No trial membership to check anything out first
  • Quality isn’t the best
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