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Last Updated on Apr. 6, 2020


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There is a very large group of us that are woefully underserved by the typical dating sites. Concepts like vanilla relationships and slow, passionate sex just feel icky. It’s this group of people who always end up finding its home on sites like ALT. It serves the fetish community and has been doing so for many, many years. While it works mostly as a dating site, it also fills the demand for a community where like-minded men and women can get together and talk about all the things that make them different. It’s a great site to get involved with and you’ll never feel left out in the cold again, once you find your comfy place.
The place where you’re going to be spending most of your time on ALT is in the Groups section. This is the backbone of the site. People join communities based on their interests and interactions with each other. It’s where you’re going to be meeting the majority of your new friends. You can make your own posts or comment on as many of them as you want. Just make sure you stay on topic. They’re all heavily moderated and the people using them don’t like it when rules are broken.
The site itself is really easy to use and find your way around. You don’t need much to sign up. All you have to do is give them your email address and choose a few preferences. Select your gender and what you’re looking for first. You’ll have options like men, women, couples and trans. It’s all up to you and what makes your genitals twitch the most. You’ll also need to give some personal information, like your birthday, but it won’t get any more involved than that. All that’s left is to fill out your role. All of the usual suspects are there like Dominant and submissive. If you’re unsure, there’s an option for you. Just be honest and move on. After that, you’re off and running with free access to the majority of important features.


  • Community site
  • Tons of members
  • Tons of groups to join


  • Constant ads to upgrade
  • Fake messages from fake profiles
  • High cost of membership