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Last Updated on Apr. 10, 2020
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AmaBitch is a pic dump site that also serves as a giant, frustrating mess. They seem to go out of their way to send you as many ads as they possibly can. Every single time you load a new page, your first few clicks are going to be redirects. If you have an adblocker installed, you’ll be stopped dead in your tracks. You have to fight through the ads if you want to actually see anything. Once the pics start to actually work, you’ll get a giant flash ad that takes over the homepage. You won’t be able to close it out unless you give in and click it to send you to the link it’s promoting. It can quickly freeze your browser and cause you to restart.
The other major problem with AmaBitch is that nothing is organized. There are no categories at all. You can’t even search for anything. Nothing is tagged and nothing can be easily found. Your only course of action is to browse through each and every daily dump until you get to something that you want to see. Then you have to fight through the ads once again before you can actually see and download what you want. Nothing is hosted here, so you’ll also have to deal with whatever ads the actual host sites want to make you go through before finally sending you to your image.
The site is a mess and works really poorly. It really only exists to send you ads. Yes, they have a ton of pics of amateur girls, but it takes a lot to get to them. You can’t jump around at all. You have to browse through the thousands of pages before you find the pics that you came for. Then, quality is all over the map. Some of the pics are so old that you can see ancient CRT monitors and printers the size of small houses in the background.


  • View and download anything for free
  • Lots of images
  • Everything comes in galleries


  • Tons and tons of ads and redirects
  • No way to rate or comment on pics
  • The quality is all over the map