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Last Updated on Apr. 7, 2020
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AshleyMadison has a long and storied history. Plenty of people like to demonize it for what it offers to its user base. What those people don’t realize is that the service they provide is something that’s sometimes necessary. They focus on bringing together attached people who are looking for an extramarital affair. They try to do so with the utmost discretion, but they’re not without their fair share of controversy. Offering what they do, they sometimes find themselves the target of hackers. You don’t have to look too far into the past to see that their users were outed to the public. When you use a controversial site such as, you have to expect your privacy to be on the line.
You’re probably going to end up spending most of your time on AshleyMadison in the Lists section. You can add your favorite profiles to a list that you can reference later on. More importantly, it’s where you can see the keys that people send you. Most public photos on the site are very discreet to hide identities. In fact, you can even add a mask to your face when you upload your pictures. Everyone gets a private album, though. These pictures are hidden from the other users unless you want them to see the real you. When that happens, you send them a key to grant them access. It goes without saying that most of the pictures here tend to be racy as well.
The AshleyMadison site works very well as a dating site. It’s all professionally designed and gets you where you need to go. They also have an app for Android and iOS devices. You can expect all of it to run seamlessly and never give you a headache. Everything you need is always easy to find and you’ll never have to waste time looking around.


  • Discretion is a top priority and security is taken very seriously
  • The Lists section lets you know when you get new keys
  • Everyone on the site is on the same page in terms of relationship status


  • You have to pay by the message
  • They’ve been hacked in the past
  • It can be very pricey
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