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Last Updated on Apr. 10, 2020
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ASM Hentai is a great site that offers thousands of Hentai comics in both English and Japanese. You can read any book that you want, but they don’t offer any ability to download them. You’ll also have to manually click from page to page. There’s no slideshow function and no way to move around with your keyboard. The artwork is always great and the quality is very high. There are a lot of unique and creative stories for you to get lost in. It’s a great site to check out.
The Mermaid category should really be your first stop. It’s a niche that you can’t easily find anywhere else. Like the name implies, it’s all about fish men and women. They get down and dirty and you get to go along for the ride. There’s never any question about whether or not they have the proper parts to have fun. The stories are a lot of fun and they don’t come along very often. It serves as one of the biggest categories on AsmHentai. You’ll never run out of books to read or stories to immerse yourself in.
The AsmHentai site itself runs really well. It’s a smooth experience and you shouldn’t be running into any issues. The only real problem is with the way that you have to read the books. There are also going to be ads to deal with. The banner sites are subtle, so they’re not a huge issue. There are also pop up ads, though. You never really know when they’re going to be showing up. They open up in new windows, so you’re running the risk of a frozen system if you’re using an older computer. All in all, though, it’s a decent site with few issues.


  • Comment on any book that you want and add it to your favorites list
  • Mermaid category is filled with hot fish women that you can’t find anywhere else
  • Create a profile for free


  • Pop up ads to deal with
  • No way to play books as slideshows or turn pages with arrow keys
  • No downloads at all