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Last Updated on Apr. 7, 2020
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Attack On Moe H

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Attack on Moe H is a really fun game that’s completely free to play. All you have to do is register your email address and you’re off and running. You’re tasked with fighting giant women who have shown up out of nowhere they’re intent on causing chaos and have no plans of ever stopping. Defeat them and you might just be able to have your way with them. It turns out that the best way to defeat them is by pleasuring them. Once they fall in love with your manhood, they’ll gladly turn against their former friends and fight on your side to bring back peace.
The artwork for Attack On Moe H is great and the sex scenes are a lot of fun. You can unlock them and come back to see them over and over again, whenever you want. It’s really geared toward anyone with a giantess fetish. The girls are huge and that’s how you fight them. The goal is to bring orgasms to their massive bodies with your giant sword. It’s still a whole lot of fun for anyone without the fetish. The gameplay is easy to understand and it’s all around very flashy. You can also start over from the beginning while keeping all of your power-ups from before.
The Attack On Moe H game by Nutaku is really easy on your system. You can play it on your PC browser or on your android device. There’s currently no support for any iOS devices. You can save your progress and come back to it whenever you want. It’s really great for anyone to check out. It’s even better if you have a thing for really big girls. Live out your fantasies and let them fight on your side while you unlock all of their uncensored sex scenes. It’s worth more than a few playthroughs to see it all.


  • Great for anyone who fantasizes about giantesses
  • Artwork is great and scenes are uncensored
  • Restart the game with all of the powers gained in your last playthrough


  • No way to rate or review the game
  • No animated sex scenes
  • No iOS support
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