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Last Updated on May. 29, 2020
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Celeb Gate is a massive collection of nude pictures of celebrities. It’s been around for years and the archive is massive. It’s one of the easiest ways to find real nudes and should be your first stop when you’re trying to find them of your favorite actress. The pictures come from movies, paparazzi and leaks. There are thousands of women on the site who range from extremely famous to brand new or not well-known. If there’s someone you want to see naked who isn’t that big in the mainstream, this is your best bet to make it happen.
The Hall of Fame category on Celeb Gate is where you can find the biggest celebrities with the most famous nudes. Once again, they come from everywhere, but most of what you’ll find here are leaks. For instance, this is where you can find the famous Britney Spears upskirt with no panties from several years ago. If it happened at any point, it’s going to be posted here. It’s also a great place to find little known nudes of famous celebrities. They often sue to get nude images taken down, but this site manages to keep them up for everyone to see and enjoy.
The site works really well and there shouldn’t be any issues. It’s simply designed and it’s totally free to use. There are ads to deal with, though. A lot of them are going to look like links to other parts of the site. They instead redirect you to third party sites. There are also some pages that list nude pictures of celebrities when they don’t actually have any. It’s easy enough to simply scroll down and see if they exist for yourself. If you find them, you can see them in their full resolution right on the site. It should be your first stop for finding celebrity nudes.


  • Tons of real nude celebrity pictures
  • Some videos mixed in
  • Hall of Fame category has the biggest stars with the best known pictures


  • Some celebrities with no nude pictures
  • Lots of ads disguised as links
  • No user comments or rating system