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Last Updated on May. 25, 2020


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CHYOA is a really fun porn story site that’s filled with choose your own adventure stories. It’s all interactive and it’s totally free for you to use. There are no restrictions at all when it comes to the number of stories that you can read in a single day. There are videos ads in the banners, but they’re easy to ignore while you’re trying to read. They also keep it all free, so they’re worth putting up with. You can even submit your own chapters for other people to choose while they’re reading.
The Science Fiction category on CHYOA should be your very first stop here. It’s filled with weird stories about sex that you can’t find anywhere else. There are things like Cum Addiction where you can read about a real addiction to cum that’s sweeping the world. Women need to eat it every single day or they’ll die. You can get to choose your woman at the very beginning. She can be anything from your wife to your sister or your lesbian aunt. You can also find stories about space queens or transformation devices. If it has to do with science fiction then you can read all about it here.
The CHYOA site works well and you shouldn’t have any problems with it at all. It’s easy to use and there are hundreds of stories for you to read. The only real problem is that a lot of stories don’t have any alternative paths in them. No one has written them, so you don’t get to interact with them. It’s a great site if you love to read really fun stories that are all about porn and nothing else. You can find every kind of sex here and you can always add your own to the archives.


  • Science Fiction category is filled with fun porn stories
  • Write your own chapters for other people to choose
  • See everything you need to know about the stories on the home page


  • Most stories only have one path written
  • Need to register an email address to comment
  • No way to adjust font or background