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Last Updated on Apr. 4, 2020
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Corruption Of Champions

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Corruption of Champions is a fun game that’s only text-based. If you love to read and play games like Dungeons and Dragons, then you’ll love this one. It’s created by one person who keeps everyone updated on his blog. All of his games are still under development, so there are constant updates and patch releases. They’re free to play for the most part. If you want the latest updates and special features, you’ll have to support him on Patreon. It’s a fair trade with all of the time and money he spends on creating his worlds. There’s no studio behind him, so supporting him as an independent game creator is never a bad idea.
The Corruption Of Champions game moves smoothly after you create your character. You choose your gender, hair color and body type to start. It’s up to you who you play as. You’ll also be able to name your character anything you want. Then you’ll be able to choose certain attributes. They come from details like your previous job or special characteristic. Each one will come with its own advantages. It makes this a game great for multiple playthroughs. You can make sure you try out all of the different character types to get the most out of your journey through his world.
The Fenoxo site for Corruption Of Champions works really well and you have two options for the game. You can play it right through your browser or you can download it. Either way, the saved data will be stored locally. That means you’ll always know where it is so you can keep on coming back to the game. It tends to be very long, so getting to the end in one sitting is next to impossible. You’ll want to make sure you keep it in a safe place. You should definitely check this game out if you love to role-play.


  • Lots of weird fetishes to play with
  • New updates and patches released all the time
  • Illustrations of characters in blog


  • Text based with no illustrations in game
  • Games are long and involved
  • No reviews or rating system
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