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Last Updated on Apr. 4, 2020
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Crush Crush

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Crush Crush starts out with you riding your bike and just going about your day. Then you get distracted by a bird. The next thing you know, you’re crashing headlong into a girl whose just minding her own business. Then you’re off and running on a journey that sees you trying to impress the hottest girls in town. You’ll need to woo them and even change your career to make them yours. It’s a very long journey that can be extremely rewarding. Just keep in mind that this is meant to be an idle game. That means it plays while you’re away. You won’t be getting any instant satisfaction here. It’s a long game and you’ll be in for the long haul once you see how hot the girls are.
The CrushCrush storyline revolves around building up your stats to make yourself appealing to the girls. Once you do that, you can take them on dates. It won’t end there, though. You’ll still have to impress them with mini games before they’re willing to give you the time of day. You can work on all of the girls at once, or just focus on your favorites. You won’t be able to win the game until you get them all. You’ll need a lot of free time to play it, but it’s more than worth it.
The Crush Crush game works really well, but some people have to deal with lost progress. That can be a huge problem after you’ve put in so much time. It’s a common problem with idle flash games, so there’s no real way around it. You’ll need an account to play it, but that’s about it. It’s totally free and you can come back to it whenever you want. It’s all browser based, so you just need your login to access it from anywhere in the world. It’s a great addiction to have and it won’t let you down.


  • Idle game that keeps playing while you’re away
  • Hot girls to impress and take on dates
  • Lots of funny scenarios


  • Little nudity
  • Very time intensive
  • Reports of lost progress
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