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Last Updated on May. 26, 2020
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CumOnPrintedPics is a cum tribute forum that men can use to share their ejaculate with women that other men know. The whole concept behind the site is that guys post pictures of women they know, women they see, their wives, nieces, daughters, and sisters. Then other guys download and print them out. They then jerk off and cum on them. Once that’s done, they post the pictures of the pictures covered in their semen. It’s all totally free and there are no restrictions at all.
The Request Teen Amateur Cum Tribute/Cock Tribute Pictures should be your first stop on Cum On Printed Pics. This is where you can find the high-quality pictures to download before they get cum on them. You can also take part in the fun if you’re interested. Most of the images are going to be fully clothed, though. There isn’t a whole lot of nudity here unless it’s coming in the form of fakes from other users. The people here love to take their faces and post them on nude porn stars to see what they would look like if they ever got nice and dirty with them.
The CumOnPrintedPics site works well and you shouldn’t have any problems with it at all. It’s easy to use and you shouldn’t have any problems with it at all. Everything is organized so you can see the kind of thread that you’re looking for. You can find anything from pictures before the tributes to circle jerks that cover them up until you can’t see anything at all. There are annoying ads to deal with, but they keep the site totally free to use. It’s a great site for anyone who likes to jerk off to women that other people want to degrade.


  • Tons of high quality pictures to print out
  • Request Teen Amateur Cum Tribute/Cock Tribute Pictures lets you see girls before the tributes
  • Photos are hosted right on the site to download


  • Tons of annoying video ads constantly playing on every page
  • Need to register an email address before you can post
  • Site can be difficult to figure out
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