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Last Updated on May. 27, 2020
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DarkNaija is an amateur porn tube site that’s totally free for anyone to use. They don’t have any restrictions on the number of videos that you can watch in a single day. You can keep coming back as many times as you want to find new porn to enjoy. They have pretty much any kind of porn that you want to see and it’s all made by black amateurs. The quality varies greatly and it’s obvious that none of it is coming from a porn studio. The best feature on the site is that you can download anything that you want for free. There’s a link under ever video and all it takes is a click.
The only real problem is that nothing on Dark Naija is really organized. There are no categories or tags within the videos. Everything on the site is separated in pictures, videos, stories, and that’s it. You’ll have to browse around if you’re looking for something specific. There’s still something for everyone, though. There are plenty of teen blowjobs to go around. There are cheating videos, anal sex videos, and public sex videos. You can see a college girl taking a shower on her cam next to a video of a MILF getting her pussy eaten.
The DarkNaija site works well and you shouldn’t have many problems with it. You’ll just have to deal with the ads on it. Lots of your clicks are going to lead to pop-ups and redirects. In fact, it’s going to pretty much be every other click for your entire time on the site. It keeps it all free and there are downloads, so it’s worth it to deal with them. It’s a great site for anyone who wants a constant stream of real black amateurs having real sex.


  • Download any video that you want for free
  • Sex stories to read in between watching porn videos
  • Decent amount of porn with consistent updates coming


  • Lots of annoying ads, pop ups and redirects
  • No way to like or comment on anything
  • Nothing is organized at all