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Last Updated on May. 29, 2020
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DaughterSwap is a really fun family swap porn site that focuses on fathers swapping their daughters for sex. Most of the men look similar, which is by design. The concept behind the site is that girls always want to marry their fathers. They put a lot of effort into proving the theory by daughters getting swapped to men to who look just like their real fathers. There’s a decent amount of porn and a lot of the videos come with previews for non-members. There’s also a two-day trial membership to check it all out and see if it’s really for you.
The Lesbian category is a lot of fun and is where you can find some unique videos on Daughter Swap. These videos forget about the fathers and show what happens when mothers swap their daughters for lesbian sex. Both the teens and the MILFs are gorgeous and the sex is hot. You can find things like a mother walking in on her daughter having sex with her best friend. She decides to call up the friend’s mother and invite her over. They both swap their daughters to show them how lesbian sex is actually supposed to be had with a foursome on the bed.
The DaughterSwap site works really well and you shouldn’t have any problems with it at all. It’s easy to use but can be tough to check out without a membership. There are bio pages for the girls where you can see all of the videos that they’re on in the site. You can stream and download anything that you want. It works on desktops just as well as it works on tablets and mobile devices. It’s a great site for anyone who likes gorgeous teen girls getting swapped around for a night of family sex.


  • Video previews to watch without a membership
  • Trial membership available to check the site out
  • Lesbian category has mothers swapping their daughters


  • No physical or personal information on model bio pages
  • Difficult to see what’s in store without joining
  • Not much beyond foursome sex videos
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