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Last Updated on Apr. 4, 2020
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DMM Doujin

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DMM Doujin is a great hentai and anime site that’s completely filled with everything you could possibly imagine from Japanese porn art. You can find animations, CG videos, games, voice over videos and even comics. There’s really something for everyone here. What you can find in those different works is just as varied. The genres cover everything from monster daughters to mystery and even manners and customs. On top of that, there’s gambling debts, cheating wives, legs and asses and the occult. There’s really nothing that you can‘t find on this site and download it onto your hard drive to keep forever.
The Audio Included category should really be your first stop at DMM Doujin. These are all different types of works that come with voice overs and sound effects. You can read a comic while the hot anime girl moans and pleads in your ear. You can watch an animation with real dialogue and plenty of sex sounds. You can even play a game with original and unique voice over work. It’s a perfect way to enjoy all of the different genres and artworks that you can find on this site. It will all be in Japanese, but that only makes sense, since it’s a Japanese site.
DMM Doujin works really well and shouldn’t give you any trouble while you’re browsing and looking around. You’ll be able to choose between English and Japanese as the language for all of the text as soon as you point your browser here. Don’t expect an exact translation, though. The English version of everything is pretty rough and sometimes difficult to understand. The quality of the artworks varies, but it’s always fun to enjoy. It’s more than worth your time to come and take a look at everything that this massive site has to offer you.


  • Choose English or Japanese for all of the text on the site
  • Great mix of comics, CG, games, and voice over video
  • Audio Included category comes with voice overs and sound effects


  • Everything is censored
  • English translation isn’t very accurate
  • Previews only available as zip downloads