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Last Updated on Apr. 10, 2020
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Doujins (Doujin Moe)

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Doujins (Doujin Moe) is a good site that offers a decent amount of free Hentai and manga comic books to read. Not everything is free, though. Some of the Hentai is locked behind a pay wall and only available to premium members. If you want to check out this stuff, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee. If you don’t want to do that, you also won’t be able to download anything. That’s another premium feature. You can still read a lot of books, though, and it’s worth a look to see if you want to stick around.
The best part of the Doujins site is the Audio category. These are books where the creators have taken the time to record narration or dialogue. It will play while you read in a slideshow and it’s a lot of fun. It’s not really something that you can find anywhere else. They do a great job of making the audio tracks high quality. Women voice the female characters and they all have that Hentai vibe that you always look for. The sound effects can be hot and only add to the overall enjoyment. It’s a category that you’ll end up spending a lot of time checking out.
The site runs well and there aren’t really any problems to deal with. Since they have a premium membership tier, the ads aren’t overwhelming. You will have to deal with constant upsells, though. There are pop ups coming all of the time to convince you to upgrade. There’s also no real way to tell what’s censored and what isn’t. You’ll just have to start reading to find out what you’ve gotten yourself into. It’s best to use the site when you have a decent amount of time to spend looking for something you really like. It’s worth noting that Doujins (often searched as “doujin moe”, “doujinshi” or “doujinmoe”).


  • Audio category plays books with narration and sound effects in a slideshow
  • Comment on anything that you want
  • Bookmark Hentai so you can save your page and return to it later


  • Some of the Hentai is only available to premium members
  • Downloads only available with premium membership
  • No way to tell what’s censored and what’s not
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