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Last Updated on Apr. 10, 2020
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Erito is a site with great videos, but they don’t have tons of them. They’re still a fairly new site, so building up the archive is going to take a little while. Everything is organized into categories, but they tend to be very small. You’ll also be seeing the same videos over and over again. As the site grows, so will the number of videos, but what they have is still very high quality. It’s all produced by the site and you can’t find it anywhere else. The girls are hot and they put their all into the porn that they make for you.
The Cosplay category on Erito is probably where you’re going to be having the most fun. The really hot models get dressed up in everything you’ve ever wanted to see. From schoolgirls to pop culture characters, it’s all there. You can basically scratch any kind of an itch that you happen to have. You can mouse over any video in the category to get a short preview of the video. It will show you exactly what’s going on before you decided to start streaming it. It works really fast, so you’ll never have to play the guessing game when you just want to watch something.
The Erito site works well and they have one great feature for you to use. Each video has a timeline at the bottom of the page. You can mouse over it to see thumbnails from what’s playing at any point in the video. It will all be in sections that tell you which sex act is happening when. You can click on any part of it to jump the video to exactly what you want to see. It’s one of the best features that you can possibly use on a porn site. Frankly, it should be on every single porn site out there.


  • All of the videos are uncensored
  • Videos come with timelines to jump to the best parts
  • Coplay category has gorgeous Asian girls playing dress up


  • Some of the categories are very small with the same videos appearing multiple times
  • No downloads
  • No comments section for Japanese Videos