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Last Updated on Apr. 6, 2020
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FapForFun is a hentai site that’s free to use if you like to download torrents of independent works. This site will always work best if you already know what you’re looking for. Nothing at all is hosted on the site. If you want to download something, you can only get a torrent magnet. There are no real previews to speak of. You can see a few images, but that’s it. Again, the images aren’t hosted on the site. You can see tiny thumbnails and click on them. Then you’ll be redirected to the image hosting site. Most of them have a ton of ads and redirects that you have to get through just to see the preview of something that you then have to download. It’s extremely time-consuming.
The 3D Hentai category on Fap For Fun will bring you to the highly rendering videos. They’re going to look the best. You’ll be able to find completely original works, as well as machinima and game playthroughs. A fair amount of the videos are simply game plays from porn games. There’s really no way to see what you’re getting yourself into until you download it. Videos have descriptions, but they don’t actually tell you what kind of video it is. It’s just a run down and teaser for what happens.
FapForFun is easy to run and check out. You can’t really find anything, though. The categories are extremely broad. You’ll be able to use terms like 2D and 3D, but those tell you nothing about the actual content. It works better if you already have a link to something that you want. If you go in and want to find something new, you’re going to be searching for a very long time. You’ll also need a torrent downloader if you want anything. You can’t get any single files. All you’ll find here will be magnets.


  • Lots of hentai
  • 3D Hentai category has highly rendered videos to enjoy
  • Download magnets for free


  • Nothing is hosted on site
  • Need a torrent downloader to get anything
  • Need an account to comment on anything