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Last Updated on Mar. 29, 2020
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The Fappenist is a great site that’s totally free to use. It’s filled with both images and videos of naked celebrities. There are tons of leaks from the Fappening, as well as new paparazzi shots and recent leaks. There are hundreds of celebrities with thousands of photos and videos. You can scroll through any collection of nudes or play them all as a slideshow. You can also download any photo that you want. Just right click and you can choose where to save it. It’s easy and you don’t have to jump through any hoops or move over to any different sites. It’s all hosted here to make it as easy as it could possibly be.
The Nip Slip category should always be your first stop on Fappenist. It’s filled with real candid shots of celebrities being exposed out in public. Sometimes it happens at events and sometimes it happens on social media. Either way, you can always see exactly what the women looks like with her boobs fully exposed. You can browse through all of the celebrities or you can just search for the one you want to see the most. Once you find them, you can comment as much as you want and talk about what you see.
The Fappenist site works well, but it tends to be very heavy on memory. It’s all run on Flash, so you’ll have to have a newer system to use it quickly. There are also pop ups and redirects to deal with. Once you get through the first few clicks, they disappear and the rest of the ads are kept to a minimum. The best thing about the site is that there are very few fakes. Most of the nudes and leaks are totally genuine and there’s never any question about them. It’s a great site to visit when you want to see if your favorite girls have ever slipped up or gotten naughty.


  • Nudes from The Fappening as well as current leaks and slips
  • Nip Slip category is filled with real candids
  • Tons of videos and images


  • Site is very heavy on memory
  • Lots of pop ups and redirects
  • Some nudes don’t actually show anything
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