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Last Updated on Apr. 7, 2020
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Fenoxo is a really fun site to check out if you enjoy playing adult text adventures. The games are all created by one person and you can play them for free. There are currently three of them available. New updates and fixes are coming all of the time. He also maintains a very informative blog. You’ll be able to keep up with all of the latest news and updates. You can either download or play them right on your browser. Both options are free and they’re totally up to you. They’re also all click based. You choose what you do and the game follows along. It’s a great way to play without being bombarded by animations.
The Fenoxo sex games are a lot of fun to play and they can keep you entertained for hours. You’ll have to maintain certain stats as you make your way around the different worlds. There’s a lot of resource management on top of keeping your character fit and healthy. The higher you get your stats, the more you’ll be able to do within the game. Each one sees you exploring a new world while you try to have sex with as many people as you can. It’s great to play while you’re out or on the go since there are so few visuals.
The Fenoxo site works really well and is incredibly easy on your system. Since the games are text based, you can play them on pretty much anything. There’s nothing to slow you down and cause your browser to freeze. You’ll have to get through a long character creation section at the beginning of each one. It will let you choose your stats to help you throughout the games. It makes them great for multiple play throughs to see what works best. It’s definitely a site that’s worth checking out whenever you can to stay up to date on the games.


  • Play in browser or download any game
  • Constant updates and fixes
  • Large blog to keep up with news


  • Not many games to choose from
  • All created by the same person
  • Only text based games