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Last Updated on Jun. 2, 2023




  • Exclusively Snapchat Porn
  • An Indexing System
  • Good Connectivity


  • Poor User Interface
  • Small Content Catalog
  • Inconsistent Video Quality


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FKBae Snapchat Porn

Well, there are not too many ways to slice it: FKBae is not the best porn site out there– hell, it’s not even the best Snapchat porn site out there. And, despite its seemingly “average” score, FKBae is probably one of the weakest “average scores” out there with really only one thing preventing the site from being utter trash.

Unfortunately, FKBae looks to be a pretty low-effort website that might not even have had too many human hands working on it as a lot of the content could’ve been automatically scraped and populated by bots. And, that could be overlooked for a brand new site, but FKBae has been live for over 3 ½ months now.

It also doesn’t help that Snapchat doesn’t boast the same kind of popularity or regular user base it did before Facebook bought it. Of course, that’s all relative as Snapchat is still a reasonably popular platform, ranking higher than even Twitter, but the shine has worn off the app… and its associated porn content.

Video Preview

First Impressions

Bad User Interface

Kicking things off, FKBae doesn’t have a user interface so bad that’s non-functional, but it does most of the other things going into it poorly. Though on a positive note, at least the site uses large thumbnails with clear descriptive text to give you a better idea of what each video link contains, but that’s about all that can be said for it.

The header and footer navigation bars aren’t “bad,” but they’re a bit…extensive in a way you don’t normally see. It’s not necessarily terrible, but it also feels like an unnecessary chunk that could’ve been better organized on its own page. That said, the header bar has a drop-down menu with the site’s categories.

However, there’s no getting around the fact that FKBae’s blinding white background can be uncomfortably bright and ruins the mood. But, arguably, the worst aspect of FKBae’s user interface is its use of the infinite scroll page feature. Granted, some people might appreciate this quality.

However, if you scroll past a video and want to go back to it, you may as well use the browser ctrl+f search function if it’s more than a few back. A page system might require a few more clicks, but it makes navigating a porn site significantly easier for anyone who backtracks.

Lacking Index System

It wouldn’t be accurate to say that FKBae doesn’t provide an indexing system, but it’s not the most robust, organized, or thorough. Granted, it’s better than some of the other new porn sites out there– especially the other ones that focus on amateur and influencer porn. A lot of those sites either have no indexing system or have one so hyper-specific that it’s practically worthless.

FKBae at least has something of a “standard” indexing system with a lot of the categories that you’d normally expect to find. Unfortunately, you can only judge half of the quality of an indexing system on its completeness– the other half you have to judge on its execution, and FKBae could improve in that respect.

FKBae has an extremely sparse application of its indexing system to an almost ridiculous point. For starters, each video usually only gets a single tag– regardless of how many tags might otherwise apply. Aside from how limiting this can make FKBae’s indexing system, it means that a lot of the tags occur as much due to popularity as they do accuracy.

If a video includes more than one niche, the more popular niche will most likely get the tag. This can make it particularly difficult to identify videos of uncommon niches. What’s odd is that you often have a better chance just using the search function to find a keyword in the title than you do relying on the indexing system…

It’s Definitely Content

A Smaller Catalog

Generally, for newer porn sites, you give them a bit of a pass on the total size of their catalog for a while until they’ve had a chance to catch up with everyone else. However, FKBae has been around for a few years which is more than enough time to amass a catalog of a few thousand videos– at least.

For a lot of newer porn sites, accruing a few dozen thousand videos is more in line with what you would expect after more than three years. Unfortunately, FKBae is barely breaking a thousand total… after three years… and that’s not the worst of it. On top of simply not boasting the kind of catalog you’d expect, there are also plenty of duplicates.

Keep in mind that we’re already talking about a somewhat small niche in the first place with Snapchat porn. Granted, limiting its videos exclusively to Snapchat porn likely throws a wrench in the collection process, but then, that would just be FKBae shooting itself in the foot to fit a fairly small, self-imposed box.

Inconsistent Content Quality

Aside from the fact that FKBae has a much smaller catalog of videos than you’d expect for a site as old as it is, it doesn’t seem to have the best quality control either. That said, this one is less on the site itself and is more a consequence of FKBae’s Snapchat porn specialty which carries its inherent limitations.

The primary limitation in this regard is that the overwhelming majority of Snapchat porn makers are amateurs using their smart devices to film. This is good in that it allows amateur producers to easily film, edit, and post their porn in no time flat, but it can also limit the videos in their production value.

As such, amateur producers shoot a preponderance of Snapchat porn videos in whatever resolution their phone or tablet records in. If the Snapchat model has a high-quality device with top-tier cameras, then you’ll probably get a good video. Otherwise, you can expect a grainy, low frame-rate video…

Great Connectivity

Solid Video Player

Finally, something that you don’t need to hem and haw about– an unequivocally good aspect. Granted, there aren’t too many instances when FKBae’s content would reasonably cause these sorts of problems. Still, it’s nice– if not necessary– to see FKBae nail the landing on at least one thing.

For starters, the connectivity is about as good as you can get with only the most minor of hiccups here and there. After extensive stress testing, not once did FKBae’s video player outright crash. In fact, beyond occasionally taking more than a few seconds to catch up, it never even fell into an endless loading loop.

And, while the inconsistent content quality may limit the HD offering in its own right, it’s also worth noting that FKBae’s video player doesn’t have any feature to change the resolution. That said, the video player allows you to adjust the playback speed and even includes a rewind button that jumps back ten seconds.


  • Skip around as much as you want
  • Don’t worry about a video crashing
  • Infinitely scroll to your heart’s content
  • Find all of your favorite Snapchat models


  • User Interface: ** 2/5
  • Ease of Use: ** 2/5
  • Content: ** 2/5
  • Connectivity: **** 4/5
  • Overall: **½ 2.5/5

Final Thoughts

Well, FKBae earns a big “oof” when you look at it from the top down due to missing the mark in so many different ways. It’s kind of hard to see a larger plan with the site, though the fact that it’s still going “strong” three years later means that it, at least, has some staying power and might turn things around…

Unfortunately, FKBae will need a fairly major remodel if it’s going to be able to compete with other porn sites out there– whether legacy or new, specialized or generalized. That remake should probably start with the user interface and begin with the option of a dark mode if nothing else– since the infinite page scroll may just be a choice of taste…

Still, FKBae doesn’t seem to be in any kind of hurry to improve itself– especially judging by the size of its catalog which is smaller and updates sporadically. That said, FKBae at least has the pillar of a great connection with a solid video player to build on and provide the basis for a good site– eventually…


  • Exclusively Snapchat Porn
  • An Indexing System
  • Good Connectivity


  • Poor User Interface
  • Small Content Catalog
  • Inconsistent Video Quality