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Last Updated on Apr. 4, 2020
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FullXCinema is a free site that brings you all of the sex scenes that a celebrity has ever been in. Most of the scenes are very explicit and from independent movies or softcore porn. That means that the celebrities will be less well known than on other sites. They still have famous porn videos that big stars did before they were famous, though. For instance, you can find Sylvester Stallone’s softcore porn video here. You can search by the name of the movie or for a specific celebrity. The videos play right on the site, so you won’t have to be redirected to watch any of them.
The Sex Tape category on Full X Cinema is where you can find real sex tapes from real celebrities. It’s filled with leaked videos that were never meant to be seen by the public. The quality is usually pretty low, but that’s only because they were shot on cell phones. It’s always easy to see who the celebrity is and what they’re doing. You can find both famous sex tapes as well as ones that you’ve never heard of before. They vary in length and there are more than enough of them to keep you coming back to find more.
The FullXCinema site works pretty well, but you’ll run into some videos that have been deleted. There are also pop-ups and redirects to deal with. It’s a fair trade since the site is completely free to use and they have a lot of full-length movies to watch. It’s easy to use and everything is organized into sections. You can browse through celebrity porn movies, celebrity porn videos and plenty of others. There are also plenty of celebrity porn stars that you can find if you’re looking for hardcore porn mixed in with all of the mainstream celebrities. It’s a great site to check out and see what they have for you.


  • Explicit and implied porn scenes
  • Comments sections and rating system for users
  • Sex Tape category shows real celebrities having real sex


  • Lots of deleted videos
  • Pop ups and redirects to deal with
  • Most of the celebrities are less well known