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Last Updated on Apr. 7, 2020
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Fuskator is a site with hundreds of thousands of images that you can look at and download for free. There are no ads to deal with, but you’ll have watermarks on every single pic. However, they actually help you to find the girls that you really like so you can see what else they’ve done. The images are all high quality and most of them come from porn sites. They’re the screen grabs that the sites use to let you know what in the video. That means it’s all professionally shot, but there are no amateurs to be found.
The Cosplay category is where you can have the most fun on Fuskator. This is where you get hot women dressed up as sexy pop culture characters. Sometimes they’re just showing off, and other times they’re getting up to much more. If you’ve ever wondered what Rey from Star Wars would look like if she pleasured herself with a lightsaber, this is where you can find out. The models actually look like the characters they’re dressed up as, as well. That means that you get the full effect and can finally scratch the itch of seeing them naked.
The Fuskator website works well, but it can be very slow. You’ll spend a decent amount of time waiting for you images to load. The workaround is simply to mouse over the thumbnails on the homepage. That will let you see everything that’s instore for you without having to dedicate any serious time. After that, you can download what you want in high quality and keep it forever. You can rate your favorite pics, but you won’t be able to comment anywhere. There are constant updates, so you’ll never get bored with what the site has for you.


  • Each image is part of a large set that you can check out
  • Sets are presented as thumbnails so pick your favorite
  • Cosplay shows you hot girls dressed up as sexy characters


  • Site can be very slow to load images
  • No way to comment on anything
  • Most images taken from porn sites
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