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Last Updated on Apr. 7, 2020
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HentaiClicker turns you into the most important man on the planet. It turns out that the world has been stricken with The Mist. It’s an evil thing that prevents all women from achieving an orgasm. It doesn’t matter how hard they masturbate or how often they fuck, they can never cum. That’s until you show up. Your magic fingers are the only things that can bring women to orgasm. You set up an office and see as many of them as you can, intend on helping them cum. The girls come from far and wide just to cum far and wide. It’s up to you to defeat The Mist and bring back the female orgasm once and for all.
While most women on Hentai Clicker only show up for a quick fingering, you’ll also get chance encounters with heroines. These women must be wooed and will join your harem if you succeed. Once they join, you’ll have the ability to grow your relationship with them. The more it grows, the more mojo you’ll get. Once you collect enough, you can trade it in for upgrades. These upgrades allow you to bring the women to orgasm faster and more easily. Unlock all of the upgrade to turn yourself into an orgasm god and make the women of the planet cum over and over again.
The HentaiClicker game works really well and it’s simple to understand. It’s a clicker game that will have you working your fingers as fast as you can. As upgrades get unlocked, you can take it a little bit easier. It’s a fun way to pass the time and all you need is an account to play it for free. You can save your progress and come back as often as you want. It’s all uncensored and the artwork is great. Click your way through the story and you won’t want to stop the orgasms from coming.


  • Lots of girls to cure
  • Fun story to explore
  • Gain girls and upgrade to make the game easier


  • Not many different backgrounds to see
  • Gameplay can get tedious
  • Only available on browser
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