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Last Updated on Apr. 10, 2020
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HentaiCloud has a lot of free hentai and anime videos that you can watch for free. The site is a little difficult to navigate, though. There’s no easy way to get to the categories you want to see. The best way to get around is just to browse through the uploads until you find something that you want to watch. Once you find it, you can stream it for free. You’ll have options to play them at regular speed or sped up, if you want check them out quickly. They also have plenty of photos and comics that you can look at and read. It’s a lot of fun to check out.
Once you find it, the Schoolgirl category is where you can have a lot of fun. The videos on Hentai Cloud are high quality and the stories are always good. The anime girls are hot and always dressed up in their school uniforms. You can find a lot of different scenarios, but one of the biggest is teen girls seducing their teachers. Nothing is much more entertaining than watching a teen girl try to get her adult teacher to have sex with her in the classroom. It still always seems to work out just fine for them, though. It’s great to keep up with the new uploads as they come.
The HentaiCloud site works well and you can browse to find brand new hentai to enjoy. It can be tough to get around, but there’s still a lot of great videos to watch. You can’t download anything, but it all streams for free. Each video also has a button to create a GIF from it. You can adjust the length and number of frames to create something to share wherever you want. It’s very rare to find something like that, so take advantage of it. You’ll just need an account to get started making them.


  • Schoolgirl category has hot anime teens in uniform
  • Button to generate GIF of any video
  • Long videos


  • Lots of pop up ads to deal with
  • Need account to comment
  • No downloads
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