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HentaiHaven is an okay site with way too many ads to be enjoyable. The vast majority of your time on this site will be dedicated to closing out redirects. They also have ads that are designed to look like error messages. You’ll have to close them out after you click on a link. You’ll then have to go back and click on that same link again. Playing videos is just as bad. No fewer than ten links are necessary to start a video. Every click before that will just lead to more redirects. They can freeze your browser or worse. If you can make it through all of that, you can stream the videos for free.
The Historical category on Hentai Haven is fun to check out. Every video is set in a different time period. The characters wear period clothes and have sex all over the place. The quality of the videos is high and they all have English subtitles so you can follow along with the story. It’s great for anyone who likes both anime and historical dramas. There’s plenty of story to check out while the sex is happening all around it. There are no downloads, but you can come back to watch your favorites over and over again.
The HentaiHaven site is easy to navigate but extremely difficult to use. It exists to send you as many ads as possible. Getting through them is so much of a chore that it almost makes the site too much to deal with. Aside from that, it’s all organized pretty well. You’ll keep coming across videos that you can’t play, though. It’s possible that they’re broken links, or the ads could be preventing it. Either way, you never know when you’ll run into a dead end. The actual hentai is good, though. Check it out and see if you can deal with the ads to enjoy what they have.


  • Choose your own streaming server
  • Historical category has sex throughout history
  • Stream for free


  • Lots of redirects and ads that look like error messages
  • Some videos rarely ever load
  • No downloads