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Last Updated on Apr. 10, 2020
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Hentai Heroes

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HentaiHeroes is a really fun game that can keep you interested for hours on end. There are tons of hot anime girls who are ready to fuck all night long. It’s not just about the sex, though. There are great game play mechanics to keep you coming back. It’s just challenging enough to make sure it’s more than worth the time that you put into it. You get transported to a magical world of harems and you never really want to leave.
The introduction level is going to be all you need to get started on Hentai Heroes. It brings you through all of the different features and makes sure you’re ready to play on your own. You’ll spend your time fucking your way through different harems of women to create your own. You’ll need plenty of energy to fuck them right. If you can make them cum, they’ll join you on your quest to have the greatest harem in the kingdom. Each new girl will bring you new ways of making money and getting power ups. If it sound like Pokémon, that’s because it’s meant to be very similar.
The HentaiHeroes game works really well and it all runs on flash. You won’t need any fancy programs to play it. It’s also completely free. You can go from the beginning to the end without having to pay anything. You’ll need to make an account if you want to save your progress, though. That’s just the way that these games work. The artwork is great and the sex scenes are more than worth your attention. Just don’t go into it looking for animations. You’ll spend your time going from one still image to the next. It’s a click based game, so you won’t be using your keyboard at all. Just pick your girls and start your fights to win big. It’s a really simple game that’s really easy on your system and it lets you play it anywhere you want.


  • Fun story to follow
  • Good introduction level
  • Free to play


  • Need account to save
  • Lots of reading in beginning
  • No sound effects
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