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Last Updated on Apr. 10, 2020
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HentaiStream is a good site that’s completely free to use. It’s filled with over a thousand different hentai series to check out. Everything is organized so you can follow them right from the beginning. You can stream and download anything that you want for free. That just means that you’ll have to deal with the ads. Most are just sidebars that can be ignored, but not all of them are that easy. There are also pop up ads that hog all of your system’s memory. You’ll have to be quick to close them, or you’ll run the risk of freezing your browser. Other than that, the quality is very high and the storylines are good.
The Future category on Hentai Stream is a lot of fun to check out. It’s filled with science fiction stories and they’re perfect for hot anime chicks. The clothes are always skimpy and the stories are always fun. They make sure to give you more than just sex. You can get lost in different worlds all you want and keep going back to complete the arcs. No matter what kind of sci fi you’re into, you can find something to enjoy here. It’s coming from people who love manga and anime and they do it all for other fans.
The HentaiStream site works pretty well, but navigating it can be a challenge. Most of the categories are pretty empty. Some of them will even just have a single video or short series. That just keeps everything super organized, though. The only real problem is the amount of dead links that you come across. You never know when one is going to show up. The videos seem to come and go pretty regularly. Nothing is hosted on the site, so hentai can disappear at any moment. It’s all worth it once you find a series that you really like, though. There’s plenty to like about what you can get on the site.


  • Over a thousand series
  • Future category full of sci fi sex
  • Stream and download for free


  • Lots of memory hogging pop ups
  • Most videos are censored
  • Lots of dead links
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