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Last Updated on May. 25, 2020
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Indian Sex Stories

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Indian Sex Stories is a porn story site with nothing but Indians as the characters. Most of them are written by Indians themselves. It’s totally free to use and there are no restrictions on the number of stories you can read in a single day. You only need to create an account and register an email address if you want to submit something. Otherwise, you can use it as an anonymous user all you want. You’ll just need a Disqus account if you want to comment on anything that you happen to like or dislike.
The Virgin category on IndianSexStories should be your very first stop here. It’s where you can find men and women having sex for the very first time. You can find stories where young men lose their virginity to drunk coworkers that can’t stop themselves from having a good time after work. You can also read about virgin men and women having sex for the first time out of wedlock just for fun. There are even men taking advantage of virgins as they live life in lockdown while a virus takes its toll on the land all around them for months and months on end.
Indian Sex Stories works well and you shouldn’t have any problems with it at all. It’s easy to use and you can make your way around quickly. There’s a search bar so you can find anything specific that you could want. There are pop-ups and redirects to deal with. They keep the site free, so they’re worth it, though. The sepia background makes the site easy on your eyes if you want to read for hours on end. IndianSexStories2 is a great place to get all of your Indian porn stories and you can keep coming back for the constant updates.


  • Virgin category has both men and women having sex for the first time
  • Rate anything you want without registering an email address
  • All stories must be over 1000 words with good grammar


  • Pop ups and redirects to deal with
  • Need Disqus account to comment on anything
  • No way to adjust font or background
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