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Last Updated on Apr. 10, 2020
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InstantFap is a really fun, free image site that gives you thousands upon thousands of hot women to look at. It’s all organized into a ton of different categories to make sure you can find what you’re looking for quickly. The ads are kept to a minimum, but every image has a watermark on it. The real downside to the site is that there are no series. All of the images are one-offs. If you want to follow your favorite girls on Instant Fap, you’re going to be having some trouble. It’s all mostly professionally shot with just a few social media pics thrown in.
The CFNF category on InstantFap is a lot of fun to check out. It’s a pretty unique way to look at hot girls. All of the pics have at least one completely nude woman and one fully clothed girl. They’re usually getting up to some kind of trouble, so you never get bored of looking at them. Most come from porn sites, so there’s always naughty action to be seen. A large amount of the pics involve massage, which is a whole niche to itself. If you love the idea of two girl getting hot and heavy, but only one being naked, then this is your place.
The InstantFap site is well-designed and easy on the eyes. Everything is laid out in front of you, so you never have to go looking for anything. All of the categories are listed right at the side of the page. You can click on anything that you want and download the high-quality image free of charge. You won’t be bombarded with ads and your system won’t get bogged down with animations. The site is fast and gets you where you want to go right away. It’s constantly being updated, so you’ll never run out of women to look at.


  • CFNF is a unique category that show naked women with clothed women
  • Download high quality images for free
  • Tons of categories to make your searches easier


  • Most photos are single rather than part of a series
  • No comments or rating systems
  • Watermarks on every single image
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