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Last Updated on Apr. 7, 2020
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LewdZone brings you a ton of different adult games from all over the internet. They’re free to play and can be pulled down without having to register. All of the games are created by independent artists and you can always find something that’s fun. None of it plays in your browser, though. You’ll have to download anything you want to play onto your hard drive. Each game also supports its own system. While most run on windows, not all will run on Mac. There are some that run on Android, but you’ll have to download an APK file. Your phone will usually tell you not to install it, so it can be a hassle.
Dystopian Setting is a good category to get yourself familiar with LewdZone. It has a good mix of 3d and animation in its games. You can play any kind of game from a dating sim to an action and adventure. Just get ready to deal with the ads. There’s going to be a pop up for your first few clicks. Then there are Flash animations on the sidebars of every page. If you have a slower system, it can really bog you down. You’ll be running the risk of having your browser freeze up on you.
LewdZone runs fine as long as you have a beefy system. They tend to bring you quality games that you’ll really enjoy playing. It would be nice to have some that run in your browser, but the quality would suffer. The people who make these put as much of it in as they can. There’s also a comments section for every game. You can get a good sense of what’s going on before you commit to downloading anything. It’s definitely worth a look if you like to play adult games. You can find things here that you won’t see anywhere else.


  • Tons of free games to play
  • Comments section for each game
  • System requirements listed on each page


  • Tons of ads and invitations to Patreon
  • Nothing plays in your browser
  • Possibility of crashing your browser