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Last Updated on Apr. 6, 2020
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LoLHentai has a lot of great images to look at, but this porn itself is kind of a mess. There’s a massive archive, but it’s really difficult to find something that you’re looking for. It’s all separated into images and videos to make moving around a little bit easier. You can see any cartoon, comic or gaming character in either section with real porn thrown in. Everything has a thumbnail on the main pages so you know what you’re getting into before you start watching it. You can rate anything you want without an account, but you’ll need to be signed in if you want to comment.
The cosplay category on LoL Hentai is where you can have the most fun here. The artists take characters from anywhere they want and put them in costume. It’s great to be able to see what you favorite ones are getting up to when they get dressed up. Just like the other categories, there’s a mix of hentai and real images here. You can pretty much find anything that you want to see. There are plenty of fetishes and niches to explore within it as well. Your best bet is to browse through it and see what you’re into. You might be surprised at what you find appealing.
The LoLHentai site is pretty difficult to use. There are no download links for anything that you find. You’ll have to right-click and only save a small version of the images. There’s also no real way to sort anything into what you’re looking for. If you’re searching for a specific character, it’s next to impossible to find them. You can see the latest uploads on the homepage and that’s about it. Everything else is left up to browsing. There are also annoying pop-up ads that you’ll have to close out. They come up full screen and can be a real pain. It’s worth noting, LoLHentai is also known as League of Legends Hentai the home of some of the best-drawn porn.


  • Comics come in English, Chinese and Korean
  • Rate anything without signing in
  • Cosplay category has a mix of anime and real women in costume


  • Annoying pop ups to deal with
  • Downloads are low quality
  • Can’t comment without signing in