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Last Updated on Mar. 29, 2020
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MrDeepFakes is a great celebrity porn site that takes real porn scenes and puts celebrity faces over them. It’s the perfect way to see things that your favorite celebrities would never really do on camera. There are tons of videos from people all over the world. The quality of deepfakes varies widely. Some of them look great while others could have used a lot more work. It’s all totally free to use, but you’ll have to deal with pop up ads and redirects. It’s worth it to be able to stream all of the videos that they have to offer you.
The Lesbian category is where you can have the most fun on Mr Deep Fakes. You get to see two celebrities at the same time. There’s also pretty much a video for everyone. You can find porn scenes like Salma Hayek and Jennifer Connelly having sex in a shower. The work is amazing and it looks just like the real thing. You can even find Gal Gadot having sex with Emma Watson in a sauna. If you can imagine it happening, then you can probably find it happening right here. There are new updates coming all of the time so you can keep checking back for the porn scene of your dreams.
The MrDeepFakes site works really well and you should never have any real problems with it. It’s easy on any system as long as you pay attention to the pop up ads. They can stack up and start to slow your system down if you don’t close them out. It’s easy to find what you want and there are no heavy flash animations on the site itself to deal with. It’s a great deepfake site with a lot of great work by people who love what they do and it’s always worth checking back to see what’s new on


  • Site is totally free to use
  • Lesbian category lets you see two celebrities at once
  • Comment on and rate anything that you want


  • Constant pop ups and redirects to deal with
  • Quality of deepfakes varies greatly
  • No way to download anything without tokens