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Last Updated on Apr. 10, 2020
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MySexGames is a really fun site that brings you tons of adult games that you can play for free. There are a lot of annoying ads to deal with, but they’re worth it. They tend to be large, but you can close a lot of them out. The games come from both studios and independent creators. That means the quality is all over the place. Lots of newer creators don’t have the software necessary to make everything look great. This site is a great way to support them and help them along as they increase their skills and equipment. It’s a really good site to find the newest games from the newest creators before everyone gets a chance to see them.
The New Games category on MySexGames is where you should make your first stop. It has the brand new games that you can play before anyone else. You can keep up with all of the latest additions to the gaming world. There are new ones posted every single week. Even after you play through all of them, there’s going to be a whole new batch to check out. It’s the perfect site for anyone who likes to play a lot of games and stay on top of all the latest creators. You can support your favorite artists or just play their offering for as long as you want.
The My Sex Games site works really well and is easy on any system. All of the games run on Flash. That means that even an older computer will be able to handle them. There’s a comments section under each and every game. The users tend to be pretty active when it comes to talking about them. There’s no rating system, though. You won’t be able to find out how many people actually like something without reading all of the comments. It’s definitely worth a visit if you like playing new games that are all based around sex.


  • Weekly updates
  • Everything plays in browser
  • New Games category lets you keep up with releases


  • Lots of large ads
  • Quality varies widely
  • No rating system