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Last Updated on Apr. 5, 2020


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NarcosXXX is a great game that’s filled with plenty of action and more than enough sloppy sex. You start out by choosing your character. You can play as one of two men or as a woman. No choice is going to affect your gameplay. It’s all about what you prefer to look at when you see your character getting down and dirty. You can also choose to change different aspects of your character’s appearance. You’ll be able to use sliders to adjust them. When you do that, you’ll be changing your character’s attributes. For instance, if you play as the woman, you can change her breast size. Smaller boobs mean more agility. Bigger boobs means more endurance. Whichever you go with is up to you.
The Narcos XXX game starts with you on a boat in the middle of a party. Things get going as soon as you finish having sex with someone. That’s when armed men storm the boat and arrest you. Now it’s up to you to escape and fight to get your mansion back. It’s a great concept and it’s a lot of fun to play. You’ll end up moving from room to room and shooting your way through enemies. That’s when the sex starts and it doesn’t hold anything back. You can get everything from anal sex to foot sex and it just doesn’t stop.
NarcosXXX will run well on any newer system. If you have an older computer, it might not be able to handle it. If that’s the case, you can play right on your phone. It’s all mobile ready and looks just as good on your screen. It’s all rendered perfectly and looks just about as real as a AAA game on a console. It’s just a great way to spend any of your time.


  • Choose from three different characters to start your game
  • Base your characters attributes off of physical assets
  • Highly rendered action and sex scenes look like the real thing


  • Have to register an email address in order to play
  • Game can crash older systems
  • Lots of ads to deal with