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Last Updated on Apr. 7, 2020
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Nutaku has been around for a long time and acts as one of the biggest sex gaming sites on the internet. You can find pretty much anything here and that’s what makes it so much fun to visit. There are tons of different anime games to appeal to your senses. You’ll be able to find anything from strategy to role playing and even action and adventure games. You’ll just need to create a free account if you want to be able to play anything. It’s used to save your data so you can leave a game and pick right back up when you return.
The Top Ranking category is really where you want to start on Nutaku. These are the games that all of the other players are rating as very good. There’s a very large user base, so you can believe what you see here. No poor game is ever going to make it through to the list. Most of the users have been here for a very long time and know exactly what makes a good game. In fact, a lot of the players make their own. If you want to find the good stuff right away, just head right here when you log in.
The site runs really well and it’s easy to find what you want to play. There are tags for every game. That means you can go and search for specific sex acts in you games. Everything from bukkake to three ways are listed here. There’s also an active comment section for each one. You can read all about it before you decide to start playing it. There just aren’t a whole lot of bad things to say about this site. It’s easy to use and the games are great. If you want to play something, look on Nutaku first.


  • Top Ranking category lets you see what everyone else loves
  • Tags to find games with certain sex acts
  • Free to play everything


  • Have to find the Play Now button under ads
  • Some games are missing the system requirements
  • Need an account to play anything