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Last Updated on Apr. 10, 2020
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OhYeah1080 is a porn site dedicated to 1080p videos. It’s not just filled with Asian porn, but there’s a lot of it. They also have plenty of videos from Europe in case you want to take a break from gorgeous Japanese women. There are both censored and uncensored sections for you to explore. Each one has a massive archive that will keep you busy for a very long time. Everything is free to watch and download, but you’ll have to deal with ads from both the site and the sites that actually host the videos. Nothing is hosted here, which means there will be a lot of new tabs and pop-ups to deal with.
The 10 Musume category on OhYeah1080 probably has the best stuff for you. Tons of hot, young Asian girls are here getting their bodies taken over by men and lust. It’s the kind of look in Japanese sex that you’ve always wanted to see. The important part is that the girls are gorgeous. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a site where the women are hotter. The best part is that it’s clear that they’re enjoying themselves. It’s where you’re probably going to be spending most of your time.
The OhYeah1080 site works well. You’ll get a list of censored and uncensored videos in their own section right on the home page. It will get you started on your search for the perfect video. There are new uploads all of the time. You’ll see most of them within minutes of being posted. You can pick your favorite from here or you can go into one of the categories to see what’s new. Everything is organized really well and you can use the search bar to type in a few tags. They’re all added by the site, so they’re always accurate and return good results.


  • 10 Musume category is filled gorgeous young girls giving themselves up
  • Large uncensored section
  • Rate and comment on any video you want


  • No videos are hosted on the site
  • Videos often open in new tabs for host sites
  • No way to follow your favorite girls
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