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Last Updated on Apr. 2, 2020
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Pixiv is a social media site that’s set up for people to share their stories and illustrations. It works just like Facebook or Twitter. You get a feed on your homepage with suggestions of people to follow. You can look at their profiles and see everything that they’ve posted on the site. You can then follow them to see all of their new work as it comes out. It’s not just about sharing, though. The people here love to talk about all thing anime and manga. You can get into different groups and discuss anything that you want to talk about.
The Novels section on Pixiv is filled with literary works that you can read for free. People post their works right in the feed for anyone to check out. You won’t have to be redirected to a third party site to check them out. There are also tons of contests being held all of the time. You can join in on anything you want for free and see how you do. The thing to remember is that most of this is in Japanese. If you want to read anything in a different language, you’ll have to use your browser to translate it for you.
The site works well, but it only functions as a social media platform. You can’t simply search for a character and see all of the manga with them in it. There’s also no nudity on the site. All of the stories are dramatic as opposed to adult. You’d have to spend a lot of time looking and browsing before you come across any adult themes. If you want to talk to people about artwork, then it’s a great site for you to check out. Just don’t go into it thinking that you’re going to be finding any sexy Hentai. It doesn’t exist here.


  • Thousands of images uploaded directly by creators
  • Download any image you want
  • Novel section is filled with stories and contests to join


  • Need to create an account to use the site at all
  • Most of the site is only in Japanese
  • No nudity on the site