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Last Updated on May. 25, 2020
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PlanetSuzy is a porn forum that’s filled with user-uploaded studio and amateur porn that you can download for free. The site is very simply designed and works as a message board. There’s no way to search for anything, so you’ll have to browse around to find something that you want. You can go all of the way back into the archives, but there are going to be a lot of broken links. The site’s been around since 2010, so a lot of the decade-old files have been taken down at some point.
There are brand new updates on Planet Suzy every single day, so there’s always something new for you find here. You can also upload any files that you want. Nothing is hosted here, so you’ll always be redirected to a file sharing site. Any files that you see with have screencaps so you know exactly what you’re getting into. You can find hardcore studio porn as well as softcore amateur porn. There are couples making sex tapes and sharing them and there are cam girls sharing their solo masturbation shows. There’s really no end to the kind of porn that you can find here.
The PlanetSuzy site works well and you shouldn’t have any problems here. There are pop ups and redirects to deal with, though. They keep the site free, so they’re worth putting up with. You can make your way around easily as long as you’re familiar with how message boards work. Your download speeds will be restricted as a free user. If you want access to full speed, you’ll have to become a premium member of the hosting sites that you tend to use the most. It’s a great place to get all of the porn that you want to download.


  • Tons of brand new updates every single day
  • Files come with screencaps to know what you’re downloading
  • Post your own files and comment on anything that you want


  • Need to register to get your full access
  • Lots of links to missing files
  • Clicking on threads brings you to the oldest posts first
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