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Last Updated on Apr. 7, 2020
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Pururin is a great hentai site with tons of content that gets updated all of the time. They have thousands of titles in their archives and new stuff is always on the way. It’s all free to read, but you’re going to need a profile if you want to download. If you make one, you’ll be able to pull down entire books at a time. You won’t have to deal with only getting your stories one page a time. The artwork is amazing and comes in both color and black and white. There’s really something for everyone here.
The Doujinshi category should be your very first stop. This is where you get to see all of the latest work from independent artists. Since they don’t have a company to answer to, they can make whatever they want. From tentacles to S&M, it’s all there just waiting for you. You also get to see all of the latest trends in the underground Hentai world. They’re making their books for passion, rather than money. That means that what you see was created by someone who just loves Hentai and manga. You can’t really find anything better than that.
The site works really well and everything you need can easily be found on Pururin. Everything is organized into both categories and tags. It makes for a very fast browsing and searching experience. They also have a great feature that doesn’t show up on many other Hentai sites. You can read your books as single pages, western pages or manga style pages. The buttons are right at the bottom of the screen and only take a single click. It lets you customize your reading experience based on what you’re used to and what you enjoy. This little feature is an amazing enhancement that counts for a lot more than you’d imagine.


  • Doujinshi category lets you see all of the latest work from independent artists
  • Rate, favorite and comment on anything that you want
  • Read as single pages, western pages or manga style pages


  • Lots of redirects to porn sites
  • Need an account if you want to download
  • Can’t play book as slideshows