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Last Updated on Apr. 10, 2020
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RealityLovers is some of the best VR porn that you can find online. They cover pretty much every single niche that you can imagine. It’s all done in very high quality so you won’t miss a thing. You get the choice of watching full-length movies or just checking out specific scenes. They’re all listed for you on the side so you can pick the best one. You’ll be able to see exactly what’s going on before you start watching it. It saves you from ever having to deal with starting a video that you stop caring about a few seconds into the run time.
The Cheating category on Reality Lovers is really where it’s at here. There’s just something special about the marriage of cheating and VR. You get to feel like you’re really helping an insanely gorgeous woman cheat on her spouse. It’s as close to the real thing as possible. They don’t skimp on the reality, either, which makes sense given the name of the site. You can see her struggling with the consequences of giving in to her desire for you. Will she go through with it or see the error of her ways? She’s going to go through with it, obviously.
RealityLovers is well designed and well executed. You never have to look for anything. It’s all easy to find and they clearly want to get you in on the action right away. There’s even a one day trial for you to check out if you want. You can get a taste for everything that the site has to offer. It all streams perfectly and the women they use are gorgeous. The addition of the reality genre works perfectly with VR. You can feel like you’re really there and really taking these women for a ride that they’ll never be able to forget.


  • Tons of high quality VR videos to watch
  • The Cheating category brings the perfect niche to the perfect format
  • Gorgeous women who just want to have fun


  • No three day trial
  • Can’t follow porn stars
  • No place to comment on videos
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