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Last Updated on Apr. 2, 2020
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Rule 34 Paheal

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Rule 34 Paheal can be a fun site, as long as you’re not a stickler for quality. While the cartoon images are usually drawn well, the rest of the site can be tough to enjoy. Most of it is filled with really poor Photoshop pictures. The most common picture you’re going to come across is the headshot of a famous person horribly pasted onto the body of a porn star. It’s what you could have expected to see a decade or two ago when the technology was brand new. There are also constant ads and a terrible search function that you have to deal with to use the site.
The Celebs Dungeon category on Rule 34 Paheal is probably the best stuff you can find on the site. The people who make these seem to be more passionate about what they’re doing. That leads to high-quality images and better use of Photoshop, or whichever editing program they’re using. It’s filled with famous men and women getting mixed up with BDSM. They are tied, chained and restrained by anyone that you want to see. It’s a great way to see your favorite celebrities in a whole new light. There’s no real limit to the fetish acts that you can find here, so be prepared.
The biggest problem with Rule34Paheal is the constant pop ups that you have to deal with. Almost every click is going to send you a pop up that you have to close. If you fall behind, your system is going to lag with memory heavy ads. The next problem is with the search function. It’s a mess. If you want something with more than one word, like a celebrity name, you have to use underscores. Using the space bar automatically sets each word as its own term and gives you no results. It’s an incredibly frustrating part of an underwhelming site.


  • Easy links to full sized images
  • Comment without signing up
  • Celebs Dungeon category is filled with famous people enjoying BDSM


  • Search function is terrible to use
  • Lots of really low quality Photoshop images
  • Pop ups with almost every click
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