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Last Updated on Apr. 10, 2020
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Sacred Sword Princess

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Sacred Sword Princess takes action, adventure and role-playing and mixes them all together for you. There’s a vast story attached to the game that you can unlock as you play. You wake up as the sole male in a world filled with nothing but women. They marvel at your strength and power once they find out what’s in your pants. You and you alone have the ability to have sex with them and bring them to orgasm. This ability has the power to bring orgasms to the entire planet. You’ll have to fight for it, though. The women in control want to stop you from bringing pleasure to the world.
You can collect different artifacts on SacredSwordPrincess as you travel and fight. These can be equipped or traded for other things. The goal is to build up your fighting force and take back control of the land. As you travel with your companions, you’ll get to know them. Once they confide in you and start trusting you, you’ll be able to have sex with them. These sex scenes can then be watched whenever you want to see them. Your progress is automatically saved if you want to take a break and come back for more later.
The Sacred Sword Princess game by Nutaku works really well on your browser. You can’t download an app for it yet, so it’s your only bet. The best thing about this game is that it’s fully voiced. You can hear hot girls talking and moaning when you have sex with them. You can also hear them grunt during combat. The audio alone is enough reason to give the game a shot. It’s completely free to play and beat. You’ll just have to deal with ads to purchase power-ups to make it all go faster. It’s an even trade for the amount of gameplay you get for free.


  • Fully voiced dialogue and sound
  • Big map to slowly unlock through progress
  • Expansive storyline to hear and enjoy


  • Can take a while to get to any sex scenes
  • Constant ads to buy progress rather than playing
  • No app to play on a mobile device
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