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Last Updated on May. 25, 2020


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SAFF is a porn forum that’s filled with tons of different kinds of amateur and professional porn. There’s no limit to what you can find here, but it’s not all free. Some of the threads are only available to premium members. You can’t get anything at all unless you register an email address first. You can do that for free and get access to most of the site. However nothing is hosted here, so you’ll always be redirected to file sharing sites. Each one will have its own rules when it comes to ads and download restrictions on the number of files you can get and the speed.
The Fetish Portal on SAFF should be your first stop here. This is where you can find any kink that you can think of. There are threads dedicated to everything from farts to latex and even golden showers and tickling. Each thread has hundreds of videos that touch on every possible niche. You can find things like public upskirts or girls who love when it gets wet and messy. There are women in uniform and women riding horses. It doesn’t really matter what kind of fetish you’re into, you can get it right here.
The SAFF site works well and you shouldn’t have any problems with it at all. It’s easy to use once you figure out the layout. It’s extremely busy in design, so it can be tough to get your bearings at first. There are constant ads to upgrade to VIP membership, but that’s about it. Any pop ups or redirects will be coming from the file sharing sites where you actually get the porn. It will work on any system and you can access it through your mobile browser. It’s a great site to get any kind of porn that you want to download.


  • Fetish portal is filled with all the kinky sex possible
  • Tons of porn to download for free
  • Everything is organized into different niches


  • Most threads off limits without registering an email address first
  • Some threads only available to premium members
  • Very busy design that’s tough to figure out