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Last Updated on May. 25, 2020
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Scandal Planet

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Scandal Planet is a site that’s completely dedicated to nude celebrity pictures, sex scenes and sex tapes. There are a ton of leaked images and videos that were never meant to be seen by anybody but the person they were sent to. There are thousands of photos and hundreds of celebrities to find. You can browse around for someone new or search for someone you already know. All you have to do is click on any image and you’ll be able to see full resolution images of anyone. Just keep in mind that they’re all taken by the women or someone with them. That means the quality will vary a lot and so will what’s happening in the pictures.
The Celeb Porn section has some of the best stuff on the ScandalPlanet. This is where they keep their celebrity sex tapes. It can be surprising just how many of them there are. Not all of them are known to the public. There are very high profile actresses like Scarlett Johansen and newcomers like Billie Eilish. The only thing that stays the same is the fact that the celebrities are having sex on camera. Sometimes it’s with other people and sometimes it’s with themselves. It’s the best way to see what these women are really like when they’re completely being themselves.
The Scandal Planet site works well and there shouldn’t be any problems with it. It’s a simple design and they don’t have a lot of flash or memory heavy animations. You can just get on, look for your celebrity and leave. There are also updates every day. If you can’t find the person that you’re looking for, just keep coming back until you get lucky. If you know there’s a leak of them out there, it’s going to end up showing here at some point. It’s definitely a site that you should keep coming back to over and over again.


  • Real celebrity sex tapes
  • Daily updates
  • Full resolution photos


  • No comments section
  • No ratings system
  • Some low quality images and videos
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