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Last Updated on May. 27, 2020
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SenePorno is an amateur ebony porn site from Senegal that’s completely free for anyone you use. There are no restrictions on the number of videos that you can watch in a single day. There isn’t a whole lot of porn to watch but new videos are being uploaded all of the time. Anyone can send one in to be posted on the site. All it takes is texting it to the number they give you right on the site. That means that you can see real amateurs having real sex. That’s not something that you can find on many other porn sites.
The 18 ANS category should be your very first stop on Sene Porno. This Senegalese porn site filled with real teen girls having real sex and showing off their real and naked black bodies. Most of the videos are shot on cellphones so the quality is going to be all over the place. It also lets you know that the videos are real. You can find anything that you want here. There are horny teens showing off their naked bodies for attention as well as having plenty of sex. You can find young girls giving their very first handjobs and or having their virginity taken from them.
SenePorno works well and there shouldn’t be any problems with it at all. It’s easy to use and you can find any kind of amateur ebony porn you want. Everything is organized well so you can get in, get your porn, and get out. They keep the ads to an absolute minimum so you don’t have to worry about closing out pop ups. You can watch it on any kind of system that you have and it will be easy on it. It’s a great site to keep checking back in on for all of the newest amateur updates.


  • Anyone can upload a video by texting it in
  • 18 ANS category is filled with real teens having real sex
  • Everything is uploaded by real amateurs


  • None of the text is in English
  • Not much porn to watch
  • Need to register an email address to comment on or rate anything