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Last Updated on May. 28, 2020
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Sex Celebrity

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SexCelebrity is a fake celebrity porn site that should be great to use. Unfortunately, getting around is next to impossible. The site has a totally unreasonable number of pop-up ads that show up with every click. Some links are completely inaccessible due to them. Getting to a point where you can actually type in the search bar seems to be a total fantasy. When clicking on it twenty times gets you nothing more than twenty pop up ads and still no search bar, the site just has a problem with ads. It’s free to use, but you won’t get much farther than the videos that are on the home page.
The YouTube category seems like it would be the most fun you could have on SexCelebrity. It should be filled with YouTube celebrities who love to dress sexily in their videos to get views, but never really show anything off. This is where you can pretend to actually see them having the sex they try so hard to get you to imagine. You’re both getting to see fakes of them naked as well as satisfy your need to see the things that they always flaunt on camera. It will just take a very long time to get through all of the popups to actually get to the category.
The SexCelebrity site is very difficult to use and extremely time-consuming. Most of the videos run anywhere from a few seconds long to almost a half-hour. You can mouse over any thumbnail on the home page to get a video preview of what’s going on. It makes sense to use this feature before you start trying to get though the ads to actually see the videos. It’s a good site for anyone who doesn’t mind putting in the effort to see their favorite celebrities naked and having sex.


  • Videos are free to watch
  • Things seem to be organized
  • Previews for video thumbnails


  • Completely unreasonable amount of pop ups to deal with
  • The majority of the deepfakes are for Asian celebrities
  • Site is very difficult to use
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