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Last Updated on May. 27, 2020
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Sex Emulator

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Sex Emulator Reviewed At TheCamDude

Right from the start, Sex Emulator gives you choices about how the game is going to tailor your experience. Designing your dream sex partner is fantastic, and you can pick hair color, breast size, and numerous other features for your gorgeous character. Straightaway, you get to choose from some options in terms of what your babe will do. Are they into anal sex, are they into foot fetishes, do they love blowjobs?

More Details About The Game?

There are some adult game sites out there that appear to be game sites with just one game. Sex Emulator is one of these sites, except it has a larger number of games for people to enjoy. I was happy to see that there are lots of top porn games at the Sex Emulator website. Exploring why the site is so appealing to so many people, as well as other considerations, is what TheCamDude will be doing in this article.

What Do You Get With Access?

There is a ton of content at Sex Emulator. You will need to create an account to see everything the site has to offer. Once you have done this, which only takes a few minutes, you will be able to log in for the first time. There are a few advertisements on the site, including ads for live sex cams, but the main focus of the homepage is the games. With over 350 porn games, there are tons of options.
The site includes a lot of well-known titles, including Grand Fuck Auto, Mutant Orgy, and a variety of others. There are dating sims porn games, action-based games, RPG XXX games, card games, and many other types. Some of the games are XXX porn parody games as well, and they are all entertaining. The site has games with fantastic graphics, games are easy to play, games that are more difficult to play, and games that cater to people who love sex, people who love BDSM, and more.

Get Kinky At Sex Emulator

Find BDSM porn games here easily. There are a ton of great choices. During my explorations, I took advantage of the rating feature of the site to find some particularly popular games. This is the best way to explore the website and find all the top games. Some have better gameplay than others, and there are a wide range of BDSM XXX games that fans of the site love. Check out BDSM Discipline for a fun time!

The Graphics At Sex Emulator

With such a wide range of top XXX games on the site, the graphics are varied. That said, there are tons of games with incredible graphics and great replayability. There are titles involving professors and students, coworkers, women setting out on their own, and games based on some popular movies as well. Whether you are bringing your character to a fancy dinner date, sex mansion, hotel room, or back to a friend’s place, there are fantastic options for sex, kink, blowjobs, double penetration, and much more.

Highlights Of Sex Emulator

Knowing that you have tons of options available to you is essential. Sometimes I am in the mood for one particular type of sex, and other times I am interested in something else. By being able to explore taboo sex relationships, BDSM, group sex, and numerous other types, all in one place, I know I can head to Sex Emulator when I want to play porn games.
When I am interested in getting off and not looking for a challenge, there are plenty of games that are simple to play, straightforward, with incredibly easy controls. There are also options here that are quite a bit more challenging, for when I’m in the mood to play games that are more like the ones I’m used to. You can be a gangster, teacher, stripper, and many other characters, looking for sex, money, and fame. The options here are incredible, and the graphics are fantastic in the games as well.

Follow Your Dreams

One of the many things I love about porn sex games is accomplishing the goals I set out to do. In many cases, there are multiple goals to pursue. Status, money, sexual ability, and sexual experiences are some of the goals of your character in the games. You get to make decisions, determine where to explore, and some of these games are like your favorite mainstream games with an added level of sex and plots you might not see other places.

Hentai XXX Games At Sex Emulator

Some websites only offer one specific style of game or another. Sex Emulator offers both hentai porn games and porn games that are not hentai in nature. With well over 125 porn games in the hentai category, there is an excellent selection at Sex Emulator. Some of the games include Library Debt, Fuck Town, Colledge Life, and others as well. Spring Desires is a great title to check out on the website as well. There are tons of games that are not in the hentai category too, providing a lot of options.

What Else Does Sex Emulator Offer

In addition to a wide range of the best porn games from a wide array of third-party porn game studios, there are bonuses that the site has as well. Websites that do games, and also have videos, pictures, or other content make them more of a one-stop-shop for getting off. Sex Emulator brings a wide range of amateur porn movies along with it. The membership comes with over 12,000 porn movies, including a large number of creampie porn scenes, Asian porn clips, hardcore pussy penetration, anal sex, and more. Many niches are represented.

Rendered Toon Porn

Over 1,000 3D toon porn clips also come with Sex Emulator. People who love video games tend to love the fantastic CGI shoots that include rendered cartoon characters fucking, sucking, and getting off hard. There are many themes included in this section of the site as well. Animated porn clips, like porn games, can bring fantasies to life that are not possible in any other way. Aliens, DnD characters, videogame characters, furries, and many different types of sex can be found. Also, the location that sex can happen can go way beyond reality. Everything from sex in space to the sex involving magic can be found here. These clips are hot, funny, entertaining, and more.

DVD Access With Sex Emulator

Hundreds of DVDs are also accessible with a membership. These are full-length titles that cover a wide range of topics. Mature Busty MILFs is one example, and the themes extend to BDSM, MILFs, oral sex, and more. Many of these multi-hour DVDs are themed, so doing a quick search for the themes you are interested in at the moment is a great plan. Also, there are bonus websites included with Sex Emulator. These are XXX HD Vault and Premium Porn HD. This is where you can find famous pornstar babes that are known internationally. High-quality HD porn movies are a real treat, and these sites provide plenty of options.

Negatives Of Sex Emulator

There is so much to love about Sex Emulator, though there are a couple of things to take note of in terms of cons. The site has limited sorting options available for finding what you are looking for. There is no section where you can search for specific themes in games, clips, animated clips, etc. Most people find themselves knowing what they are interested in after browsing one or two sections, so the effect on life here is small.
Also, a few of the hentai porn movies are censored. For people who are interested in traditional Japanese hentai, this is a fantastic way to know that the game may have come from Japan itself, where this sort of censorship is required. Even with the censored porn games that are on the site, there are hentai porn games that are uncensored as well. Regardless of which you are looking for, you can find it at Sex Emulator.

Final Thoughts

There are way more positives to Sex Emulator than there are negatives. Most of the negatives will not affect players in any substantial way. One of the significant strengths of the website is the collection that they have put together. The website still updates and adds games, and there are already over 400 top porn games for fans to try. Also, the bonus content adds up to be more than many of the most well-known and popular standard sites out there.
Click over to the site and create an account for free to start enjoying everything there. With categorized titles, including many well-known and incredibly popular porn games, you can find a little bit of everything. Get the graphics style of your choice, gameplay style of your choice, and game genre of your choice, at Sex Emulator. With games that are designed for getting off hard and bonus content for fans to enjoy, there are many things to check out at Sex Emulator, which gets an overall rating of 94/100. There are hundreds of hours of entertainment found here, which can be done in small doses or large. Enjoy.


  • Fantastic Porn Games
  • Over 400 Porn Games
  • Tons Of Bonus Content
  • Fantastic Graphics


  • Limited Sorting Options
  • Site Intro Is A Teaser
  • Some Uncensored Hentai
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