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Last Updated on Apr. 6, 2020
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SexSaoy is a free Arab porn site that has a decent number of videos for you to check out. The quality varies greatly since a lot of them are made by amateurs. Everything is in Arabic, so you’ll have to translate the pages to read the videos titles. The problem with the site is the sheer number of redirects you’ll have to deal with. Pretty much every single click you make is going to lead to one. New tabs will pop open all of the time and you never know when your page will just turn into a completely different site. It’s a huge hassle and almost makes the site completely unusable unless you have a whole lot of patience and don’t mind starting your searches over again and again.
The Amateur category is where you can find the best videos on SexSaoy. They’re all made by actual amateurs and it’s very obvious. Most of the videos are shot on cellphones and the quality is going to vary widely. You can see real men and women having real sex as much as you want. There’s never going to be a question as to whether or not the videos are real since they clearly don’t come from any porn studios.
The SexSaoy site works well if you can deal with the ads. You can try translating the Arabic right on the site, but clicking the link usually only leads to more redirects. It’s best to use Chrome or a browser extension to make it happen. Everything is simply designed so it can run on any system. There are no heavy Flash animations to slow you down. There are no downloads, but they don’t limit the number of videos you can watch so you can keep coming back to see all of your favorites.


  • Amateur category has real Arab people having real sex
  • Read sex jokes, stories, and poems for fun
  • Decent amount of porn


  • Lots of pop ups and redirects to deal with
  • Everything is in Arabic
  • No way to comment on anything or vote down